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KLS Metal Clad Materials Company is a dominant and professional clad plate manufacturers in the field of metal clad materials in China. 

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Our clad plate has been able to help clients reduce costs and create value in heavy industries like oil and gas, chemical processing, Salt making, sea water desalinization, paper and pulp and electricity.we take immense pride in being able to help them achieve greater success in their industry with our advanced metal clad materials and professional service. Strict quality control and professional personnel, to provideyou with the best products and services, welcome to contact us

Clad Plate?

KLS clad plate is a composite steel plate made by bonding one or both sides of carbon or low alloy steel (the base material) to stainless steel etc. KLS clad plate offers a cost effective solution for the construction, shipbuilding and manufacture of certain types of industrial tanks (including pressure vessels).

Common clad welding technologies

Explosion welding, which joins metal plates together in a solid state while retaining each metal’s mechanical, electrical and corrosion properties; 

Roll bonding, which is a solid-state welding process that passes two or more metals through a pair of flat rollers to bond distinct metals;

Welding overlay which melts a cladding layer onto the surface of a similar metal to form a stronger base material. 

Common Clad Materials

Clad metals most often consist of clad steel, which join steel or stainless steel with reactive metals and nickel, copper and aluminum alloys. Metal clad steel is then designed into cylinders, plates, tube sheets and transition joints used for products like heat exchangers, tanks, processing vessels, material-handling equipment, storage equipment and others. 

Some examples of common clad metal combinations

Copper Composite Panel: Copper on steel helps promote electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and facilitates soldering and is good for immersion heaters and electrical switch parts.

Nickel on steel creates corrosion and erosion resistance for furnace parts, blowers and chemical equipment. It’s more durable than electroplating.

Titanium Clad Steel Plate: Titanium on carbon steel ensures high-temperature corrosion resistance, which is particularly desirable for mining operations.

Silver on copper provides oxidation resistance to surface of conductors, for high-frequency electrical coils, conductors, and braiding.

Gold on copper creates chemical resistance to a low-cost base metal for chemical processing equipment.

KLS Clad Plate Features

The composite plate is a multi-layer plate covered with a thin layer of corrosion-resistant grade on the carbon or low alloy steel plate (back plate). Composite steel plates combine the necessary strength and heat resistance and corrosion resistance of structural materials (composite materials). In addition, it provides considerable economic benefits, because its cost is greatly lower than the plate made of overwriter materials.

  • Provide wider and longer size

  • A variety of metal cladding materials combinations

  • Excellent size accuracy with customised dimensions

  • Heat resistant, corrosion resistant, good impact resistance

  • Excellent adhesive characteristics and stable performance

  • Traditional wear -resistant materials that are shorter than usage are more cost-effective

Composite steel plates are composite clad plate, which is made of two or more metals. Typical composite materials on clad steel plate include stainless steel, nickel, copper, high nickel alloys and copper nickel alloys. Following you can combine the characteristics of each metal to produce better and higher performance products.

Benefits for heavy industry

Composite materials provide huge benefits for heavy industry and chemical processing, and composite materials can generate higher intensity at a lighter weight and lower cost. It can also produce excellent thermal conductivity and conductivity or corrosion resistance.

The composite board is not only very durable, but also has a huge manufacturing advantage. The composite board can cut and mold, including plasma cutting, stretching, bending and heat molding.


Clad plate structure

Metal clad plates consist of substrate and coating materials.

The basic materials used are mainly structural steel, boiler and pressure vessel steel, as well as fine crystal structure steel, which have good welding and processability.

As melting material, we provide iron and Austenite stainless steel, nickel and nickel-based alloy, copper and copper nickel alloys, titanium alloy, and they have their own corrosive properties.

KLS Clad Plate Applications

KLS composite clad plate is the pillar of the world's pressure vessels, condenser, heat exchangers and pipelines. As one of the leading clad plate manufacturers, KLS uses explosive bonding processes to connect a variety of compatible and unsatisfactory metals.

Our unparalleled thickness range and composite professional knowledge provides strength and multifunctional knowledge to solve complex design challenges. For a long time, customers have been dependent on our purchase of composite metals for industrial processing equipment, which is used for refining and hydrogenation in global oil and natural gas, chemical and petrochemical and power generation industries.

Oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as refining and hydroprocessing in the power generation industry, specifically in pressure vessels, condensers, heat exchangers and pipelines.

Examples of composite board applications include:

Storage and pressure container manufacturing

  • Headboard

  • Industrial washing device

  • Chemical transportation and processing

  • Seawater fading plant

Petroleum and natural gas 

  • Stress container

  • Reactor

  • Tower

  • Preheater

  • Pump container

Chemical petrochemical

  • Divestor

  • Crystal

  • Cooking device

  • Hydrogenation device

  • Polymer

  • Converter reactor

  • Metal extraction and refining

High Pressure Acid Leaching AutoClave

  • Flashing container

  • Phase separator

  • Cooling device

  • Preheater

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