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Mechanical Test Key Indicators

Yield Strength:

The yield strength is generated when the material begins to plastically deform the corresponding stresses. Prior to the yield point deformation of the material it is elastic, when the applied stress is removed it will regain its original shape. When the stress exceeds the yield point, part of the deformation is to stay can not reply to permanent deformation.

Tensile Strength:

When drawing a sample, before pulling off withstand maximum stress. Typically tensile strength corresponds to the stress generated when necking


Elongation, also known as the Elongation, referring to the fractured sample, the percentage of the increase in its gauge portion of the length of the original gauge length. Elongation is larger, the greater the permanent deformation of the material before the force can withstand the damage, formability is better. Yield strength, tensile strength, elongation is generally measured by a tensile test.

Metal Clad Materials

Impact Energy:

Impact power or toughness, refers to when the impact test, the sample broke under the impact of the absorbed power. Joules (J). Impact energy shows the ability of the material to resist impact load. It is measured by the impact test Charpy V-shaped.
If the material in the process also requires the use of welding, the welding would have to consider the properties of the material


For steel, the welding is a separate process that combines steel, welding parts usually takes fused together to form after solidification strong, such as arc welding, gas welding, resistance welding.


Also known as binding, it refers to the material in terms of ability to be welded together. Most steels are weldable, but some of them easier. And this nature for weld quality and process selection has a great impact.

Carbon Equivalent:

In welding, the carbon equivalent (CE) is a measure of weldability of the steel. Carbon equivalent formula shows the extent of the size of the different alloys for welding effects. The high carbon content and alloying elements, such as manganese, chromium, silicon, molybdenum, copper, nickel, steel hardness will increase, lowering its solderability. Carbon equivalent calculated using the following formula is generally.

Carbon Equivalent
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