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Clad Head For Pressure Vessels

Clad Head For Pressure Vessels

Clad Head For Pressure Vessels are the end closures that are designed to contain and maintain pressure within the vessel. It is a critical component in ensuring the safety and reliability of the pressure vessel.


The clad head is without a doubt the main component designed to bear pressure in the pressure vessel, and its quality plays a super vital role in the safe operation of the pressure vessel. The pressure vessel head is applied in a wide range of high-pressure industrial and commercial applications, including the storage and transportation of liquids, gases, and chemicals. 


Our Semi-Elliptical Tank Heads can be fabricated according to ASME standard. The pressure vessel tank heads are made of the most advanced equipment, which can achieve the strictest tolerance of the industry. The first-class head of pressure vessel is made of carbon steel, stainless steel and high alloy metal. Whether you need a standard dish head or a customized cone head, we can create products that meet your unique specifications.

Max Id: 10000mm.

Material: made from carbon steel or stainless steel

Shape: hemispherical, dished, conical, or flanged and dished

Surface finish: polished surface for improved appearance and corrosion resistance

Attachment: flanges, threads, or other mechanical fastening methods for secure attachment to the vessel


Product NameClad Head For Pressure Vessel, ASME Tank Heads
Diameter parameterMaximum 10000mm
TechniqueExplosive bonding or Hot rolling
Base MaterialCarbon steel such as Q235B, Q245R, Q345R.etc
Clad MaterialStainless steel such as SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L.etc
product inspectionWe'll do a flaw detection ( x - ray ) on the finished product
Punching or notCustomizable according to your drawings
Surface TreatmentAs per your requirement
PackageWooden cases, iron racks, plastic bags of wooden pallet or as per customer's requirements.
DeliveryNormally 25 days after receiving the 30% deposit
PaymentT/T, L/C, DP or Negotiable
ApplicationsWater, beverage, beer, food, petrochemical, nuclear power, machinery, medical equipment, chemical fertilizer, shipbuilding, waterproof treatment, pipeline aspects of production.


  • Boilers

  • Storage tanks

  • Reactors

  • Separators

  • Heat exchangers

Clad Head For Pressure Vessels

Clad Head For Pressure Vessels

Clad Head For Pressure Vessels

Clad Head For Pressure Vessels
Clad Head For Pressure Vessels
Clad Head For Pressure Vessels
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