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KLS Metal Clad Materials Company is a dominant and professional provider in the field of metal clad materials in China. Our key products stainless steel clad plate, copper coated steel and titanium clad plate have been able to help clients reduce costs, creating value in heavy industries like oil and gas, chemical processing, salt making, sea water desalinization, paper and pulp and electricity. Moreover, the base material, cladding material and thickness can be customized according to clients' requirements.

KLS Metal Clad Materials

By building not just business relationships but really long-lasting partnerships with our clients, We get the opportunity to create the best business value and the best solution for our clients. And we take immense pride in being able to help them achieve greater success in their industry with our advanced metal clad materials and professional service. That is the reason why they have trusted us exclusively with their orders and expectations. With us, Your order is secure, Your business is secure.

Our business engages in all kinds of metal composite material, mainly including:

◆ Metal clad plate: pressure vessel clad plate series, ordinary storage tank clad plate series, Anti-corrosion clad plate series

◆ Stainless steel clad coil/sheet: hot (cold)-rolled clad sheet/coil series, Double metal polymer physical & mechanical processing series.

◆ Decorative clad sheet: Embossed series, etching series, frosted, color film plate series.

◆ Multilayers Metal clad plate for cookware: double/three/five/seven/layers pot billet

All specifications of stainless steel: 200/300/400 series cold/hot-rolled sheet, coil, plate.

We also provide services such as: uncoiling and straightening, flattening, shearing and slitting, coil surface grinding;

Stainless steel surface finish: dull polish, hairline, 8K mirror surface processing;

Deep drawing process service for all metal materials, such as spiral welded pipe, straight welded pipe, storage tank, flagpole, and light pole, etc.

Our Advantage:

◆ Covering all the single metal materials and composite materials, including hot-rolled and cold-rolled, strip, and plate, from raw material to deep drawing finished products.

◆ Providing good quality products (core agent of big steel mills, good quality guarantee);

◆ High-efficiency service through negotiation, order confirmed, fast delivery, and after-sale.

◆ Start reaping the benefits by getting in contact with us via anyway. You will be amazed at what our stainless steel clad plates mean to you and how it can give you an edge over your competitors.

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