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The first in the world! A fine steel production line of controlled rolling and controlled cooling has been put into production in China

Jan. 14, 2020

The first in the world! A fine steel production line of controlled rolling and controlled cooling has been put into production in China

Recently, the new and medium-sized production line of high-end high-quality steel of special steel business department of Laiwu branch of Shandong Steel Co., Ltd. was put into production successfully. It is understood that this production line is the first one in the world to use the controlled rolling and controlled cooling process to produce high-quality and special steel bars with a diameter of more than 80mm, and it is also the medium bar production line with the highest equipment level and the best process in China.

As the opening work of the new and old power conversion project of Laiwu branch, the high-end high-quality steel project introduces the advanced technology and equipment of international well-known enterprises such as Italian nedko ansa company, German kocks company, Austrian Brown company, etc., and actively creates the first intelligent production line of full tandem rolling of special steel. It mainly produces high-end special steel bars such as automobile, engineering machinery, railway mine, power station boiler, petrochemical industry, bearing, marine mooring chain and marine anchor chain.

Compared with the traditional production line, the production efficiency is nearly doubled. At the same time, equipped with MES, ERP and other information management systems, the whole line has the function of intelligent perception, human-computer cooperation, prediction and early warning, scientific decision-making of the whole process information transmission, taking the lead in realizing the whole process of intelligent management and control, and the rolling process without human intervention. At the same time, the supporting use of environmental protection facilities such as desulfurization and denitrification process, ceramic membrane filter, dust removal device, etc. has realized zero emission of steam, waste water, smoke and dust.

According to the introduction, this production line adopts Italian ansa rolling procedure and German kocks three roll reducing and sizing mill, which greatly improves the dimensional accuracy of products, greatly reduces the reprocessing amount of downstream gear, forging and other users, thus reducing the cost of downstream users by more than 15%, and realizes win-win cooperation in the industrial chain. The newly introduced world advanced flaw detection equipment of DB company in Germany and olymbus company in Canada are used for the inspection and quality certification of finished products of high-quality and special steel bars to meet the needs of high-end users. The average selling price per ton of steel can be increased by 1000 yuan. The program of kocks company in Germany has realized full specification controlled temperature controlled cold rolling. The physical properties and metallographic structure of the product are more excellent. It has the conditions to develop and produce "super steel" with grain diameter of only 1 μ m, which lays a solid foundation for the production of high-end fine steel.

At present, the products of the production line have passed iatf16949:2016 quality management system certification, QES system certification and CE certification in the international automobile industry; gear steel has successfully entered the domestic well-known automobile enterprises such as Volkswagen, general motors and Geely; bearing steel has been qualified to supply raw materials for the world's leading SKF group, and has obtained the industrial product production license issued by the AQSIQ; marine anchor Chain round steel has been approved by CCS, LR, DNV and other seven classification societies; steel for construction machinery has passed the certification of Shantui, Komatsu and Volvo; steel for high pressure boiler pipe has passed the certification of East boiler, Harbin Boiler and Shanghai Boiler; non quenched and tempered steel for automobile has passed the certification of ThyssenKrupp.

It is understood that the main works of the project were officially started in May last year, and the whole line was completed and put into trial production in June this year. After the project is put into operation, the annual production capacity is 800000 tons, the total output value is more than 4 billion yuan, the annual variety structure efficiency is more than 1 billion yuan, the key economic and technical indicators reach the industry leading level, and the comprehensive competitiveness ranks in the forefront of the country.

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