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What Are The Properties Of Titanium Alloys?

Apr. 15, 2022

What Are The Properties Of Titanium Alloys?


1. First of all, the titanium alloys can be made in many colors. 

The titanium alloys can be made in many colors, such as titanium gray, gun gray, black, imitation gold, brown, blue, purple and so on.

What Are The Properties Of Titanium Alloys?

Uses of titanium clad steel plate

2. Titanium adhesion is very good. 

For ceramic and glass substrate also has very good adhesion, so titanium can be used for poor adhesion of the film material. Titanium can also be used as a material for film resistors or film capacitors.

3. Titanium has a strong adsorbability to active gases. 

The fresh Ti film evaporates on the mercury wall to form a surface with high adsorption capacity, which has excellent suction performance and can react with almost all gases except inert gases. This property makes Ti widely used as an getter in ultra-high vacuum pumping systems, such as titanium sublimation pumps and sputtering ion pumps.

4. Corrosion resistance.

Titanium is a very active metal, its equilibrium potential is very low, in the medium of the thermodynamic corrosion tendency. But in fact, titanium is very stable in many media, such as titanium in oxidizing, neutral and weak reducing media is corrosion resistant.


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