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The Introduction and Applications of Titanium Steel Clad Plates

Aug. 30, 2021

Titanium clad steel plate has become an indispensable structural material in many industrial applications. Today, as a titanium steel clad plates supplier, I'd like to introduce what the titanium steel clad plate is and the applications of it.

What is the Titanium Clad Steel Plate?

Titanium steel clad plates refer to a metal clad plate coated with titanium with good corrosion resistance on the surface of ordinary steel plates. And it is a metallic laminar composites. The titanium clad steel plate obtains the low cost and high strength of steel with the outstanding corrosion resistance of titanium.

In short, it not only has the strength of ordinary steel plate as a structure, but also has the corrosion resistance of titanium. The most important thing is that its cost is greatly reduced.

Titanium Clad Steel Plate

Titanium Clad Steel Plate

The Applications of the Titanium Clad Steel Plate

Petrochemical Chemical Container Equipment Manufacturing

The manufacturing of petrochemical chemical container equipment is a traditional application field of titanium clad steel plate material, and its consumption has always been the first. Titanium has good stability in various acid, alkali and salt media in the chemical industry. Therefore, titanium clad steel plates play an irreplaceable role in oil refineries and chemical plants.

Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing

Among the main materials for the condenser tube sheets of nuclear power equipment, the demand for thick cladding and large plate width titanium clad steel plate is very large. Therefore, the titanium steel clad plate is the backbone of the industry in this field, and its application prospects are very broad.

Bleaching Equipment Manufacturing

Titanium also has special corrosion resistance to bleaching agents such as the chlorine dioxide. Therefore, titanium-clad steel plates also have important applications in bleaching equipment in the textile printing and dyeing industry and the paper industry.

Salt Making Equipment Manufacturing

Titanium and its alloys have excellent resistance to seawater, chloride solution corrosion and fluid corrosion resistance. The salt-making equipment made of titanium-clad steel plate can slow down corrosion, prevent the generation of salt scale on the wall of the evaporation tank, and improve the quality of salt. It greatly reduces the use cost of salt factory equipment and plays an important role.

Field of Marine Civil Engineering

The titanium steel composite plate made by Fried and thick plate rolling is made of thick plate, and its purpose is mainly used as corrosion resistant construction material.

Titanium and titanium alloys have excellent resistance to sea water, chloride solution corrosion and fluid corrosion. Titanium material has the advantages of less dissolved ions in water, non-toxic, and no need to worry about environmental pollution, making titanium composite steel plate an ideal material for seawater desalination equipment

Titanium clad steel plates have excellent corrosion resistance and strength, and are ideal materials for manufacturing corrosion-resistant environment equipment. In the future, with the continuous improvement of the production process of titanium clad steel plates, its application will be more extensive and common.

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