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Benxi Iron And Steel Group Signed Important Purchasing Agreement

Apr. 02, 2019

On the morning of March 23, witnessed by the leaders of China and Italy, Benxi Steel Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electric Group jointly signed the purchase agreement of AE94.2K gas turbine and synthetic gas compressor units for Benxi Steel CCPP power generation project with Ansardo Energy Group, Italy. Chen Jizhuang, Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee of Benxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Huang Ou, Vice Secretary and President of the Party Committee of Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., signed the agreement with Juseppe Zampini, CEO of Ansardo Energy Group, Italy.

This time, the AE94.2K gas turbine and syngas compressor units purchased under the agreement are mainly used in the CCPP power generation project of Benxi Steel Plate Co., Ltd. This project is an important energy-saving and environmental protection project of Benxi Iron and Steel Group. It adopts the world's advanced low calorific value fuel (blast furnace, coke oven mixed gas) gas-steam combined cycle power generation technology. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low power consumption, less water consumption, full utilization of secondary energy such as high, coke oven gas and so on. It can generate 600 million kWh more power every year. After the completion of the project, the self-generating rate of Stainless Steel Clad Plate Supplier will be effectively improved, the gas resources will be fully recovered, energy saving and emission reduction will be vigorously promoted, and cleaner production will be realized.

After signing the agreement, Chen Jizhuang said that all along, the upgrading and transformation of technical equipment of Benxi Iron and Steel Group has been strongly supported by the relevant state departments and Liaoning Province. "CCPP Power Generation Project of Benxi Steel Material Co., Ltd." applies energy-saving technology of iron and steel industry, which is mainly encouraged and promoted by the state, and is listed in the "Catalogue of Greater Technical Equipment and Products Supported by the State for Development (Revised Version 2017)." The signing of the procurement agreement under the joint witness of the leaders of China and Italy further proves that the state attaches great importance to the application of energy-saving and environmental protection technology in the iron and steel industry. Benxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. will take this Agreement as an opportunity to accelerate its integration into the "one belt and one road" initiative proposed by the chairman, and continuously enhance technology upgrading and cooperation in the domestic and international energy and environmental protection fields, so as to accelerate the quality development of Benxi Iron and Steel Group.

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