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How to Improve the Toughness of Titanium Plate Surface?

Mar. 18, 2022

How to Improve the Toughness of Titanium Plate Surface?

High ductile sintering temperature on the surface of titanium plate will accelerate the formation of titanium carbide grains. The final sintering temperature of titanium carbide high manganese steel bonded hard alloy is generally 1420℃. Sintering temperature should not be too high, so that the combined phase into liquid phase and metal loss, so that the hard phase adjacent and convergence, the formation of fragmentation source.

How to Improve the Toughness of Titanium Plate Surface?

Titanium Clad Steel Plate

Of course, the sintering temperature should not be too low, otherwise the alloy will burn out. In addition to the above need to control sintering temperature and speed, vacuum in the furnace into the liquid phase sintering stage. Sintering also need to control the vacuum in the furnace. Because the vacuum degree is too high, a large number of liquid metal will volatilize, the formation of component segregation. Especially in the three stages of degumming, recovery and liquid phase sintering, the heating rate of sintering is not suitable for this kind of alloy.

The surface and internal toughness of titanium plate should be strictly controlled heating rate and holding time.Because in the low temperature degumming stage, compaction release compression stress, forming agent volatile. If the heating speed is fast, the forming agent is too late to volatilize, and becomes steam after liquefaction, resulting in compaction burst or cracking;

Sufficient time must be allowed for the billet to remove volatiles and oxygen from the raw material powder (such as Mn2Fe intermediate alloy);When entering the liquid phase sintering stage, the heating rate must be slowed down to allow the billet to be fully alloyed. The sintering principle of steel-bonded cemented carbide is the wetting principle, so that the liquid phase can fully wet the solid phase (hard phase), otherwise the liquid metal FeMn will precipitate or even lose on the surface of the billet.

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