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Stainless Steel Helps the World's Largest Particle Accelerator

Jun. 16, 2020

Stainless Steel Helps the World's Largest Particle Accelerator

Stainless Steel Helps the World Largest Particle Accelerator

The Large Hadron Collider, located at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland, is one of the largest and most complex scientific instruments in the world.

The collider shatters subatomic particles with unimaginable force, producing data that can help physicists answer some of the major fundamental questions of physics and explain the mysteries of the origin of the universe. molybdenum plays an important role in the successful implementation of these revolutionary experiments.

The world's largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), uses more than 250,000 high strength, specialty 316 L stainless steel fasteners.

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