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Have You Ever Seen A Laser Made Of Flat Steel?

Oct. 09, 2018

"new concept, Laser Flat steel, no quantitative, no collapse edge burr" recently Wuxi excellent laser cutting technology product propaganda, triggered a round of Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet laser cutting hot Discussion.

For the stainless steel market traders, The first two years have been on the horse "Kaiping, sub-strip" to the plate of the route, and recently there have been several on the horse "laser cutting", began to "products" on The road to go up.

We found that in the gradual realization of the simple stainless steel trade more and more difficult to do, many trade enterprises have begun to turn to the processing field, in order to hope that the value of processing to make up for the lack of profit in The trade Sector.

As are as we know, there are two ways of stainless steel flat steel before: One is rolling method and one is Slitting.

The quality of the rolled flat steel is relatively poor quality; split flat steel is a quantitative requirement, in addition prone to collapse and burr, quality is deficient, and because the edge of burr, production enterprises Take back processing, it is easy to scratch The body. And now using Flat-panel Direct laser cutting into flat steel, the first is to solve the quality of stability, and edge of the collapse of the Burr problem are solved together, which is also with the development of science and technology, Laser cutting power gradually increased, to the present 15,000 kw, so the cutting force to achieve, just solve the problem of flat steel.

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