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TISCO's Duplex Stainless Steel Is Being Watched

Sep. 29, 2018

From September 17th to 18th, the "2018 Sixth China International Duplex Stainless Steel Conference" jointly sponsored by China Special Steel Enterprise Association Stainless Steel Branch, Taigang Group and China Steel Research Technology Group was held in Beijing. More than 200 guests from the research, development, production, application and engineering design of duplex stainless steel including internationally renowned stainless steel companies, industry organizations and downstream users have discussed the theme of “communicating experience and expanding application”.

The conference was held by Li Jianmin, chief engineer of Taigang Group. The meeting summarized the latest development and application of duplex stainless steel at home and abroad in the past three years. By communicating the joint research and development channels of domestic production, education and research, it has pointed out the direction for enhancing the independent innovation capability of enterprises and speeding up the solving of the problems of domestic duplex stainless steel materials in promotion and application. It plays a positive role in promoting the progress of related materials technology in China.

TISCO is the first company in China to develop and produce Duplex Stainless Steel. In recent years, a large number of research and development and promotion work has been carried out in terms of variety structure, specifications, quantity and application fields, and many key technologies have been broken. The manufacturing process ranks among the world's first. The products have been successfully applied to major projects at home and abroad such as Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, China-Malaysia Friendship Bridge and the world's largest tonnage chemical tanker. At the meeting, Dr. Liu Yang and Dr. Yan Mingde from Taigang Technology Center made a wonderful speech on the "S32750 Super Duplex Stainless Steel Sheet Self-fluxing Weldability Study" and "The Effect of Cold Rolling Process Hardening on Super Duplex Stainless Steel S32750 Precipitate Phase". The subject technical presentation was highly regarded by the participants. In order to promote the corporate image, this conference also set up a special exhibition area. The five panels in the center of Taigang have become the focus of the exhibition area. The “variety serialization”, “diversification of applications”, “research and delivery capabilities” and “typical cases” highlight the recent achievements of Taigang in the field of duplex stainless steel. The latest achievements are a strong proof of TISCO's capabilities and level in this field.

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