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What are the Prevention Measures for Titanium Clad Plate?

Dec. 19, 2020

As a Titanium Clad Plate Supplier, share with you.

1. Defects of composite board

1) Adhere to the incoming material re-inspection system, and the bonding status of the composite board should be inspected one by one. The focus is on transition joints, flanges, etc. For titanium composite plates where strength is not considered, the flaw detection requires continuous 100% ultrasonic flaw detection within a 50mm wide range around it, and 200mm interval flaw detection for the rest of the area. The rest, 100% flaw detection.

2) When the composite plate has poor plasticity, it should be re-annealed to eliminate stress and improve its performance to prevent defects in subsequent production.

3) When the bending operation is required for the pulling plate of the reel, stamping head, etc., when the temperature is low, the bending part should be preheated with flame to prevent bubbling or cracking.

4) When cutting holes and drilling pipe holes, the cutting and drilling operations should try to work from the titanium layer to the steel layer to prevent the composite board from tearing or forming cracks.

Titanium Clad Plate

Titanium Clad Plate

2. Welding defects

1) To weld the titanium layer, use argon with a purity of not less than 99.99% as a shielding gas. In addition, the welding wire is not allowed to have cracks and interlayers.

2) Carefully clean and treat the welding area of the workpiece before welding. If the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃, the base steel surface should be preheated by flame.

3) For titanium steel composite board equipment, the titanium weld processing technology is strip processing, that is, the titanium layer within 15mm of the edge of the composite board is removed, the steel weld is first welded, and then the steel weld is completely covered with a 50mm wide titanium plate. , Welding of the titanium layer, while argon protection.

4) For the microcracks on the surface of the composite board, the defects must be removed before repair welding. For small cracks, direct repair welding can be used.

5) For the non-fitting found in the process of production and inspection, if the area is large, the material must be replaced. If the area is small, remedial measures can be taken. Use titanium rivets to reinforce the non-joining area, and use less rivets.

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