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Maintenance Tips Of Stainless Steel

Jul. 31, 2018

Many people think that stainless steel are steel that will not rust and will not corrode like iron, but they do not know that the stainless steel belt does not rust, the corrosion is caused by the passivation film on the surface of the stainless steel belt. Stainless steel has good corrosion resistance because the surface forms a purified film, which in nature is in the form of a more stable oxide. That is to say, although the stainless steel is different in oxidation depending on the conditions of use, it is eventually oxidized. This phenomenon is usually called corrosion.

The stainless steel surface is dusty and easy to remove dirt. It can be washed with a weak soap detergent. 

The grease on the surface of stainless steel is contaminated with oil and oil. After wiping with a soft cloth, it is washed with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or with a special detergent. The surface of the stainless steel is bleached and various acids are attached. Rinse immediately with water, dip with ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda solution and wash with neutral detergent or warm water.

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Maintenance Tips Of  Stainless Steel

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