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How Is The Stainless Steel Plate Colored?

Aug. 13, 2018

Since the Stainless Steel Clad Plate has been put on the market, it has been widely loved by consumers. One of the reasons is that the color is very good, so how is the stainless steel plate colored? The stainless steel composite board manufacturer tells everyone how to color the stainless steel plate. .

(1) Chemical oxidation coloring method: the color of a film formed by chemical oxidation in a specific solution, which is a dichromate method, a mixed sodium salt method, a vulcanization method, an acidic oxidation method, and an alkaline oxidation method. Generally, the "Ink Law" is used more, but in order to ensure the consistency of a batch of products, it must be controlled with a reference electrode.

(2) Electrochemical coloring method: the color of a film formed by electrochemical oxidation in a specific solution.

(3) Ion-deposited oxide coloring method: The stainless steel workpiece is placed in a vacuum coating machine for vacuum evaporation. This method is suitable for processing large quantities of products. Because of the large investment and high cost, small batch products are not worthwhile.

(4) High-temperature oxidation coloring method: in a specific molten salt, the immersed workpiece is kept at a certain process parameter, so that the workpiece forms a certain thickness of oxide film, and presents various colors.

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