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Copper steel composite materials' low-pressure infiltration composite technology is a new technology that has emerged in the domestic metal composite sheet material field. In addition to having the common characteristics of high strength, good heat resistance, thermal stability, plasticity, toughness, and wear resistance, copper clad steel plate also has advantages such as high yield rate and high precision in the military gun shell manufacturing industry. It helps improve the quality of gun shells. 

The composite material has excellent consistency, ensuring uniformity between bullets and bullet casings; with large batch size, continuous processing can be achieved, greatly improving production efficiency. The surface quality is comparable to pure copper, and the yellow copper surface of the copper composite panel has lubrication effects, which can reduce the wear on gun barrels and lines when shooting. Now widely used in gun shell and bullet products, as well as other military applications. The sales network for military copper composite material has covered the globe and received consistent praise from many customers.

Specifications available

Standard DimensionsYellow-Copper-Steel-Yellow-CopperYellow-Copper-Steel-Yellow-CopperYellow-Copper-Steel-Yellow-Copper
Strip Width139.5 mm124/135/137/140 mm< 600 mm
Strip Thickness1.7-3.6 mm0.5-1.37 mm0.05 - 4.0 mm
Covering Thickness3.4% - 4 %3.4% - 4 %3 - 15 %
Core/Substrate MaterialF18 SteelF11 SteelSPHC
Covering MaterialH90 CopperH90 CopperH90
Delivery FormCoils/StripCoils/StripCoils/Plate

MaterialTensile Strength (Mpa)Elongation (%)Grain SizePearliteNon-Metallic Inclusions A/B/C/D
Fire StateHalf-Hard StateFire StateHalf-Hard State

H90/SPHC/H90290~355360~455≥36%≥8%7-10 grade
≥43%7-10 grade1-5 grade
≥37%7-10 grade2-6 grade

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