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Why Choose Clad Steel Plates?

Nov. 01, 2021

Clad Steel Plates can solve almost any problem designers face when working in demanding industries such as construction and chemical processing.

Cladding Plate is more corrosion-resistant steel and a stronger, less costly metal to produce. But before we discuss the benefits of using clad steel, let's get a clear definition.

Stainless steel cladding processes and applications

Clad Steel Plate

Clad Steel Plate

There are various processes for carbon steel cladding, such as hot rolled bonding, cold-rolled bonding, explosion bonding, brazing, welded cladding, weld overlay, and centrifugal casting. Hot-rolled bonding is the process generally used. In this process, clean sheets of carbon steel and stainless steel are placed together, (single-sided cladding), or sandwiched between two stainless steel sheets (double-sided cladding). The laminates are hot rolled together.

The stainless steel cladding process results in a bond between the two metals. Another manufacturing method includes explosive bonding. This bonding is produced by the plastic deformation of the metals due to the strong collision during the explosive bonding process. Sometimes, the explosive bonding is followed by a hot rolling process to improve the bond between the carbon steel and the stainless steel.

Clad carbon steel is used in various applications such as chemical processes, petroleum refining, offshore oil production, etc. It is also used in power generation installations, where there are high temperatures and stress corrosion.

What is clad steel sheet?

Clad steel sheets are classified as composite steels and are created by bonding two or more metals together. Typical cladding materials on steel sheets include stainless steel, nickel, copper, high nickel alloys and copper-nickel alloys. Cladding allows you to combine the properties of each metal to produce a better, higher-performance product.

Examples of applications for cladding plates include.

Tank and pressure vessel fabrication

Head plates

Industrial scrubbers

Chemical transportation and processing

Desalination plants

Clad Steel Plate

Clad Steel Plate

Benefits of clad steel sheets for the industry.

Cladding materials offer tremendous benefits for heavy industry and chemical processing. Depending on the combination of cladding materials, cladding can produce superior strength at a lighter weight and lower cost. It can also create excellent thermal and electrical conductivity or corrosion resistance. As a result, clad plates are often used in extreme wear situations such as mining, excavation, processing, and pumping, as well as in paper, pulp, and food processing.

Not only are clad plates incredibly durable, but they offer tremendous manufacturing advantages. Surfaced plates can be cut and formed, including plasma cutting, drawing, bending, and thermoforming, however, it is very difficult to punch, drill or machine.

How is it produced?

As mentioned above, a clad plate is produced by bonding two or more metals together to form a single sheet or plate. Depending on the specific requirements, various cladding or backing materials, such as specialty metals, such as copper or stainless steel, can be rolled or fused to a base metal, such as carbon or low alloy steel, to produce a metallurgically bonded cladding.

While there are different processes, the most common is probably roll bonding. To produce a rolled laminate, the two joined surfaces are first cleaned and placed in contact. The edges of the sheet are then welded to prevent movement and air ingress during the hot rolling stage. After cutting to the final size, the laminate is cleaned to produce a relatively bright surface.

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