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What Are The Core Advantages Of Using Stainless Steel Clad Plates

May. 09, 2017

The stainless steel clad panel is a kind of metal composite material with pure stainless steel in the outer layer and carbon steel in the inner layer. Now let's have a look through what the advantages of using stainless steel clad plates are.

It can be summarized into three points:

1. The use of stainless steel clad plates instead of the original pure stainless steel plates can reduce equipment costs while the use of equipment is not affected. Stainless steel clad plates can be used for desulfurization towers, ammonia distillation towers, decontamination towers, etc., low cost, corrosion resistance; Take benzene removal tower as an example, the use of stainless steel clad plates instead of pure stainless steel plates, the cost can be reduced by more than 30%.

2. Stainless steel clad plates retain the corrosion resistance of pure stainless steel, wear-resistant, anti-magnetic properties and appearance of the characteristics, but also has a good carbon steel weldability, formability, stretching, thermal conductivity features. Which can be widely used in coking equipment to improve the corrosion resistance of coking equipment to extend the life of the chemical equipment.

3. Stainless steel clad plate has a good thermal conductivity, but also has anti-corrosion features, Which can be used in a large number of coking equipment. If used in the ammonia distillation tower, it can increase the service life of the ammonia distillation tower and reduce the operating cost. On the other hand, due to its anti-corrosion performance, it can also be applied to ammonia distillation equipment.

Our steel mill has come a long way in the research and development in the stainless steel clad plates and this is exactly the reason why we have been separated from the others in this field.

What Are The Core Advantages Of Using Stainless Steel Clad Plates

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