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The Role Of Stainless Steel Clad Plate In The Hydropower Industry

Nov. 13, 2018

The Stainless Steel Composite Sheet is a strong composite steel sheet that is used in many areas of our lives. Today we are looking at the role of Stainless Steel Composite Plate in the hydropower industry.

The stainless steel clad plate is used in the hydropower industry for the bottom hole of the sand, the steel lining of the bottom of the diversion, and the lining of the ship lock corridor and the sluice. The basic requirements are high wear resistance, impact resistance and appropriate resistance. Corrosive. The power industry's requirements for composite panels are on the agenda mentioned in recent years, but the momentum is swift and the number is amazing. Only one Three Gorges Dam needs 15,000 tons, and the hydrological reserves of the Hengduan Mountains are the Three Gorges. More than 10 times, in addition to Guangxi and other places have considerable water resources, the application prospects of the hydropower industry is very attractive.

Water conservancy experts predict that if there are more water conservancy projects on the earth than in the future, it must be southwest of China. At that time, who can provide large-scale Stainless Steel Clad Sheet, who will dominate the hydropower market, each large hydropower plant needs about 200 tons of composite steel, mainly used for silos, hoppers, chutes, dehydrators, etc., but in recent years Due to the improvement of environmental protection requirements and the emergence of SO2 flue gas desulfurization project in bottom air, stainless steel clad steel will become the material of choice for thermal power plants. Each thermal power plant, especially in large cities, needs to add duplex stainless steel composite. Plate 300-400 tons.

Stainless Steel Clad Plate

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