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What to Consider when Buying Stainless Steel Sheets?

Nov. 03, 2022

Stainless plate steel has a bright surface, high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, and is resistant to corrosion by acid, alkaline gases, solutions and other media. It is an alloy steel that does not rust easily.


Stainless Plate Steel

Stainless plate steel suppliers have a wide variety of stainless steel to choose from for consumers. There is no doubt that for the layman, these choices can be overwhelming. However, knowing what grade to use will ultimately depend on the environment in which the stainless steel will be used. This is a concise guide to help our customers choose the right size, grade and finish of stainless steel for any job.


Ask the Right Questions Before You Buy

Make your choice with quality in mind and ensure the success of your project by understanding the differences in stainless plate steel grades. We have provided a list of questions you should answer before placing an order for stainless plate steel.


What corrosion resistance does the application require? Which grades meet the corrosion requirements?

What strength is required? Which grades meet the strength requirements and provide the best durability?

What is the required level of machining?

What is the availability of the alloy, if any, selected? This is usually the most overlooked aspect of the selection process and should be given primary consideration.

Does the application require customization? What type of cutting, shearing or polishing will it require? How does this grade respond to these processes?


Factors to Consider when Purchasing

Stainless Plate Steel Thickness

Let's first consider that stainless plate steel metal is formed through an industrial process into thin, flat pieces that can be cut and formed into a variety of shapes. Many of the everyday items around us are made of stainless plate steel metal. We offer sheets in a range of thicknesses from 4mm-100mm, again we support customization. Any higher thicknesses are classified as sheet metal and are used for other industrial or commercial purposes.


Stainless Plate Steel Materials

There are many grades of stainless steel to choose from. KLS stainless offers plates in the following materials: 201/202/301/304/304L/316/316L/410/420/430, with 304 stainless steel offering durability and strengthening capabilities. This is also a material grade that operates at relatively high temperatures, making it ideal for industrial, construction and transportation applications. In contrast, 316 stainless steel is best suited for applications that require more extreme corrosion resistance. It has improved corrosion resistance due to the increased molybdenum content present in its composition, but is not easily machinable. This material is typically used for applications in near corrosive environments, such as acids, chemicals and brines. These are just a few examples of how stainless plate steel grades offer specific compositions, properties and advantages depending on the application. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.


Finally, stainless plate steels are usually sold in an annealed condition. This means that when stainless steel is annealed, it must be heated to a temperature below its melting point and then slowly cooled to make it less brittle and more ductile. In this way, it allows the plate to achieve the desired consistency, texture or hardness.

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