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Starting Of Automation, Digitalization And Intelligence Construction Project Of Stainless Steel Industry

Mar. 19, 2019

The launching ceremony of "Automation, Digitization and Intelligence Construction Project of Stainless Steel Industry in Xinxing County" co-sponsored by Guangdong Productivity Promotion Center, Guangdong Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute and County Economic and Credit Bureau was held in Xinxing County Innovation Center.

On behalf of the county government, the responsible persons of Xinxing County congratulated the county on the initiation of the automation, digitization and intellectualization construction projects of Stainless Steel Industry, and thanked all parties for their concern and support for the social and economic development of Xinxing County. The location advantage of Xinxing County is increasing, and the stainless steel kitchenware industry has become a larger industrial cluster with considerable development prospects. At present, the development of Stainless Steel Kitchenware industry is also facing constraints. Therefore, relevant enterprises need to make continuous efforts in independent innovation, accelerate the transformation to innovation-driven, to automation, digitalization and intelligent upgrading, from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing".

The team of Guangdong Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute introduced the automation, digitalization and intelligentization construction projects of stainless steel industry and the transformation and upgrading of cluster industry in detail, and shared the cases with the representatives of participating enterprises.

Representatives of Guangdong MasterCard Group, Guangdong Lingfeng Group and Guangdong Xiangshun Kitchenware Co., Ltd. made speeches on the status quo of stainless steel kitchenware industry in Xinxing County and its automation, digitalization and intellectualization as well as the needs of enterprises.

At the ceremony, Guangdong Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute and Guangdong Xiangshun Food Kitchen Co., Ltd. signed the cooperation framework agreement of "Automation, Digitization and Intelligence Project Construction of Stainless Steel Kitchen Enterprises".

It is reported that the construction of automation, digitalization and intellectualization projects of stainless steel industry in Xinxing County is based on the scientific research resources, intelligent manufacturing experience and technical advantages of talents of Guangdong Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, and jointly participates in the construction and promotion of the projects through the two comprehensive service platforms of city talent post and county innovation center. The aim is to promote the scale of stainless steel tableware and kitchenware industry in Xinxing County to a new level through the promotion of the "three modernizations" project.

Emerging: Starting of Automation, Digitalization and Intelligence Construction Project of Stainless Steel Industry

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