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Producing New Energy Materials From Laterite Nickel Ore In Indonesia Lay The Foundation

Jan. 15, 2019

On the morning of January 11, 2019, a new energy material production project co-invested by Castle Peak Industries, Greenmay, Bongpu, IMIP, Osaka and Xingye was held in Castle Peak Park of Indonesia Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, Molowali County, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

The Indonesian guests at the foundation laying ceremony were Mr. Luhut, Minister of Maritime Coordination of Indonesia; Mr. Ellanka-Hatato, Minister of Industry; Governor and Representative of Central Sulawesi; Mayor Molowari and other government officials.

The Chinese guests at the founding ceremony included: Mr. Xiang Guangda, Chairman of Qingshan Iron and Steel Board; Professor Xu Kaihua, Chairman of Greenmay Board; Mr. Zheng Zongyue, President of Indonesia Molowali Industrial Park Co., Ltd. (IMIP); Mr. Lee, Chairman of Bongpu Circulation; Mr. Furukawa Hironari and other guests banned by representatives of Osaka and Xingye.

According to the joint venture agreement signed on September 29, 2018 on the construction of 50,000 tons of nickel/year project for laterite nickel mineral chemicals (nickel sulfate crystals) in Indonesia, it is proposed to invest 700 million US dollars jointly to build a hydrometallurgical base with a capacity of not less than 50,000 tons of nickel metal and 4,000 tons of cobalt metal, and to produce 50,000 tons of nickel hydroxide intermediate, 150,000 tons of battery-grade nickel sulfate crystals and 20,000 tons of battery-grade Crystal, 30,000 tons battery grade manganese sulfate crystal.

This is the global cooperation of new energy materials giant under the guidance of the "one belt and one way" initiative. One of the world's largest new energy battery material bases is about to rise in Indonesia. A new energy material from laterite nickel ore to three yuan battery materials has begun to take shape in the whole industry chain.

Xiongguan Road is really like iron, green energy also look at nickel! "Put laterite nickel ore in, refine ternary materials and make batteries." A global nickel resource and new energy material industry chain has emerged in Indonesia. The dynamic Indonesian manufacturing will have a far-reaching impact on the world's new energy industry.

Producing New Energy Materials From Laterite Nickel Ore In Indonesia Lay The Foundation

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