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Fushun Special Steel Works on Green Clean Development

May. 22, 2020

Fushun Special Steel Works on Green Clean Development

In order to carry out the spirit of "the first quarter of 2020 work meeting of Shagang Group" in depth, a few days ago, Fushun Special Steel combined with the current situation of the company's environmental protection work, quickly took action, through on-site supervision and other forms, to find the short board and loopholes of environmental protection work in various units. In 2020, Fushun Special Steel will strengthen the management of environmental protection issues, strengthen process supervision, prevent all kinds of environmental pollution accidents, strictly observe the red line of environmental protection, and promote the green and clean development of enterprises.

Combined with the inspection situation, the power equipment environmental protection department has formulated "check and check the problems and rectification list" and "environmental protection project implementation progress tracking table ", and adhere to problem-oriented, focus on problem rectification, with the strictest standards to ensure the quality of rectification and reform, and effectively achieve rectification and reform not up to standard. At the same time, all units are required to seize the opportunity of the company's recent special activities on "large-scale investigation and rectification" of environmental hidden dangers, to comprehensively and meticulously investigate environmental hidden dangers and substandard problems in the light of current national environmental protection laws and regulations, to formulate serious rectification measures, to strictly rectify the time limit, to focus on the overall situation, to do a good job of environmental protection with a high starting point and a high station, and to ensure that the company achieves win-win economic and ecological benefits.

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