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Market Of Stainless Steel Composite Sheet

Sep. 17, 2018

The Stainless Steel Composite Sheet is a metal composite material whose outer layer is pure stainless steel and whose inner layer is carbon steel. The metal composite material of pure stainless steel and carbon steel is the appearance of a stainless steel composite sheet. Material manufacturing guarantees for the manufacture and upgrading of coking equipment.

1. The use of stainless steel composite sheet instead of the original pure stainless steel plate can reduce the equipment cost, but the use of the equipment is not affected. The stainless steel clad plate can be used for desulfurization tower, ammonia distillation tower, debenzene tower, etc., with low cost and corrosion resistance; taking the dephenylation tower as an example, the stainless steel composite plate is used instead of the pure stainless steel plate, and the cost can be reduced by more than 30%.

2, stainless steel composite sheet retains the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, diamagnetic performance and appearance of pure stainless steel, and has the characteristics of good weldability, formability, stretchability and thermal conductivity of carbon steel. The Stainless Steel Composite Sheet can be widely used in coking equipment to improve the corrosion resistance of coking equipment to extend the life of equipment.

3, stainless steel composite sheet has good thermal conductivity, but also has anti-corrosion function, can be used in a large number of coking equipment. If used in a steaming tower, it can increase the service life of the ammonia tower and reduce the operating cost; on the other hand, it can be applied to the ammonia plant because of its anti-corrosion performance.

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Stainless Steel Composite Sheet

Stainless Steel Composite Sheet

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