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India's Pamban Railway Bridge Will Become India's First Railway Bridge With Stainless Steel Structure

May. 06, 2019

It is reported that in the exploration of modernization and upgrading of railway infrastructure, India has decided to deploy stainless steel for the Pamban Railway Bridge project. Rail Vikas Nigam Co., Ltd. (RVNL), a railway engineering company in Chennai, India, will manufacture 2 span beams of the new Pamban bridge using 2205 duplex stainless steel. RVNL has issued a tender for the supply of 120 tons of stainless steel, and India Jindal Stainless will actively bid. With this, stainless steel will be a key material for the structural framework of railway bridges. The existing Pamban Railway Bridge, which was commissioned in 1914, connects the Rameswaram on Pamban Island to the Mandapam Railway Station. The bridge is in the second most corrosive area in the world.

India's Pamban Railway Bridge

2205 duplex stainless steel has excellent strength, toughness and corrosion resistance. The high strength-to-weight ratio of duplex stainless steel offers the possibility of reducing the thickness of the part to make the structure lighter, and the lighter structure will also significantly reduce the consumption of concrete. Due to its high resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, duplex stainless steel provides excellent impact and fire resistance. The high corrosion resistance of duplex stainless steel allows it to be used in a coating-free environment, saving significant maintenance costs. Compared with carbon steel, the use of duplex stainless steel will increase the structural life of the bridge by 3-4 times. In summary, the use of duplex stainless steel will result in the lowest life-cycle cost compared to alternative materials.

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