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Taiwan Continues To Impose Anti-dumping Duties On Imported Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel From Mainland China And South Korea

Feb. 25, 2019

Taiwan's relevant departments have announced a sunset investigation of the continued imposition of anti-dumping duties on imported Stainless Steel Cold-rolled Steel Products from mainland China and South Korea, and the confirmation period of dumping investigation has been extended to June 7 this year. Officials from relevant departments said that final confirmation would be made in mid-August.

The original applicants, Yelian Iron and Steel Company and Tang Rongtie Iron and Steel Works, filed applications for further levy on February 8 last year.

Relevant departments believe that the above two enterprises are representative in Taiwan's intra-island industries. According to the information provided, it can be reasonably suspected that dumping and damage will continue or recur if anti-dumping duties on imported goods are suspended.

However, the relevant departments pointed out that the questionnaires sent by Stainless Steel Cold-rolled Steel Mills in mainland China and South Korea have not been answered so far, so it is necessary to collect other information and extend the period of anti-dumping investigation until June 7 this year.

Officials stressed that anti-dumping duties should continue to be levied until the sunset investigation is completed.

In 2013, Taiwan launched an anti-dumping investigation on 300 series cold-rolled stainless steel coils and steel plates imported from mainland China and South Korea. On March 5, 2014, an announcement was issued formally levying a five-year anti-dumping duty on the above-mentioned imported products. The anti-dumping duty rate of enterprises involved in mainland China was 38.11%.

In 2018, the first round of anti-dumping sunset review investigation was initiated on the products from the above-mentioned imported areas. The enterprises involved in the case in mainland China include Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Tianjin Taigang Tianguan Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Taigang Stainless Steel Hong Kong Co., Ltd., Taigang Import and Export (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., and Zhangjiagang Puxiang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Division, Baosteel Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Fujian Qingtuo Shangke Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

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