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Classification Method Of Metal Composite Material

Nov. 29, 2018

Classification method of Metal Composite material:

1. Ordinary carbon steel, high quality carbon steel and special quality carbon steel;

2. Ordinary low alloy steel, high quality low alloy steel and special quality low alloy steel;

3. Ordinary alloy steel, high quality alloy steel and special quality alloy steel.

4. The chemical elements in the grades are represented by international chemical elements.

5. Product name Metal composite board, use, characteristics and process methods, etc. Usually represented by the abbreviated letters of Hanyu Pinyin representing the Chinese characters of the product.

6. The content of major chemical elements (%) in steel products is expressed in Arabic numerals.

7. The grades of alloy structural steel are prepared according to the following rules. The numbers represent the average of the carbon content. Alloy structural steel and spring steel use two digits to represent the average carbon content, and the carbon content of stainless acid and steel and heat resistant steel is expressed in thousands. The average carbon content is <0.1% (expressed as “0”; when the average carbon content is 1.00%, the carbon content is not calibrated, otherwise it is expressed in thousands.

High-speed tool steel and ball bearing steel are not marked with carbon, and ball bearing steel is marked with the use symbol "C". For those whose average alloy content is <1.5%, only the element symbol is marked in the grade, and the content is not included.

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