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Application condition and benefits of stainless steel aluminum clad products

Feb. 28, 2022

Recently, with the growth of my nation's economic climate, the demand for sources and power is increasing, as well as numerous natural deposits are significantly limited. In order to conserve sources and also power, minimize product weight, and enhance item efficiency and also feature, it is essential to develop composite products to meet the demands of manufacturing. Stainless-steel light weight aluminum clad material/stainless steel multi-layer composite material is a case in point. It incorporates the smooth surface of stainless-steel as well as the advantages of lightweight as well as low price of light weight aluminum. It is not only very easy to clean and also corrosion-resistant however likewise can save scarce Cr and Ni components. It has a vast array of application potential customers in aviation, aerospace, chemical, medical, food, as well as other areas.

Application condition and benefits of stainless steel aluminum clad products


Metal layered composite material is a new kind of material acquired by integrating two or even more metal layers with various physical and also chemical residential or commercial properties utilizing composite innovation. Through the scientific choice of product components as well as the logical design of the multi-layer framework, it can fulfill different application needs.


Through product style, steel layered compounds can easily achieve the following properties:

( 1) It has a high certain stamina and also details modulus.

( 2) It has exceptional high-temperature resistance and can work generally in a high-temperature oxidizing environment.

( 3) Wear-resistant, great thermal conductivity, tiny thermal development, and dimensional security.

( 4) Inexpensive, appropriate for automation.

Application condition and benefits of stainless steel aluminum clad products


Light weight aluminum as well as stainless-steel are 2 commonly used but widely various metal materials. Light weight aluminum has reduced density, good plasticity, easy processing, great electrical and also thermal conductivity, rust resistance, very easy welding, as well as affordable benefits. Stainless-steel normally describes iron-based corrosion-resistant alloys having 12-30% chromium. Due to its great deterioration resistance, oxidation resistance, and high strength, it is commonly used in building, chemical market, oil, textile, light sector, atomic energy, aerospace, and many other fields. Integrating these 2 metals into a two-layer or multi-layer composite material can incorporate the advantages of the two, making this brand-new product a lot more superior in efficiency, more extensively utilized, and also more affordable in price.


KLS Metal Clad Materials Company is an expert stainless-steel clad light weight aluminum plate supplier, which can provide you with the finest steel clad plates. The exceptional technological team as well as sales service team are the foundations of our constant development. Anticipating working with you!

Application condition and benefits of stainless steel aluminum clad products

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