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Where Is The Main Application Of Stainless Steel Clad Plate?

Nov. 01, 2018

1. Stainless Steel Clad Plate is mainly used in chemical machinery reactors, chemicals and other ships, aerospace, salt, production and reduction equipment brewing tanks, water conservancy, electricity, environmental protection and so on.

2. Stainless Steel Clad Sheet is an important functional material of metal materials, its national standard GB / t8165-1997 "stainless steel composite strip", its carbon and low alloy steel as the matrix.

3. Stainless steel material, but as a whole, processed through special processes. It can be heat treated, deformed, welded, and processed. It has the characteristics of two materials: corrosion resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, many functions, and low price. Wide range of applications. The surface of the stainless steel is sandblasted, pickled, brushed, etc., beautiful and beautiful.

4. Welding composite plates, the difference from the normal welding process, namely the use of carbon steel welding rods carbon steel, stainless steel, stainless steel welding rods, the transition between welding electrodes, stainless steel and carbon steel. The cross-section composite panel has a shear strength of up to 400 mp and its excellent performance can be used in place of stainless steel sheets in some industries.

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Stainless Steel Clad Plate

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